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Career Opportunities Information Technology…

Information technology is a wide term broadly covering the areas of computer science, electronics, and telecommunications. Over these last few decades, there has been a tremendous growth in IT, which has almost revolutionized the very outlook of the world. The economy of any country is no longer measured by strength of traditional industries but by its technological advancement. It is estimated that knowledge based business would contribute two third of the growth in Global GDP  in the next ten years. In a developing country such as ours, IT makes it possible to leapfrog many of the physical barriers and deliver basic needs like education to people in areas that either do not have facilities or are inaccessible. With the decreasing cost of instruments and services like personal computers, cell phones and internet, direct benefit of IT sooner that later would be  reaped even by the illiterate and underprivileged. Information technologists manage enormous range of jobs from software designing to consultancy. It is basically about how a computer can be exploited in different fields. Information systems Designers design alternative systems for business, commercial or professional set up. Information managers develop information system and are from a variety of backgrounds such as computer science, physical sciences, business, finance, management and engineering. Information technology has pervaded Business & Industry, Banking & Finance industry, Travel Sector, Medical, Architecture, Planning  and Design, Research Education, Defense Data Analysis and Interpretation, Music, Internet, Multimedia,  Dot-Coms, Convergence Technologies and Education.

Career Courses…

Most IT Courses are academic in scenery and fall short of providing what is required by the industry. This inequality deprives the student of ahead the extra information This course fills the gap outstanding a perfect  balance with its academic orientation and practical application it primarily focuses on knowledge and skills essential  for the student to make it big in the IT industry.

Technology areas…



These courses give complete insight into the technology area they choose to upgrade and make them industry ready students will also undergo project work in the chosen domain and the same can be submitted for their academic requirement.

Courses Offered……

Packages : (Application softwares)
Sno. Course Duration
1 BASICS & MS-OFFICE..Fundamentals ‘Computer fundamentals ,Operating systemsMS- Office( MS-Word, MS-Excel,  Power point, MS- Access, Outlook ,Publisher)Internet Concepts 2 Months
2. FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING…(TALLY): Fundamentals of Financial Accounting,TALLY with ERP and GST  (Updated Versions) 2  Months
3 DESK TOP PUBLISHING (DTP).. Page maker , Photo shop, Freehand/Corel draw, Telugu Typing 2 Months
4 CUSTOMIZED SOFTWARES...Training on Customized applications & User defined Applications, Internet Applications & Online Applications (Ecommerce Sites) NA

Operating Jobs:

People who enter data into the computer exist in all user and consultancy units. Large and small. In a Large or medium firm, where computer operators are involvedin work on a large scale, there is usually an EDP manager for the information system. Computer operations involve data entry, desktop publishing, etc. Employment is an organization with a large database, in publishing and dotcoms. Computer courses after 10+_2 are required for these jobs. They often handle peripheral

Programming Languages
5 C LANGUAGE: Language Fundamentals ,  Packages,Assemblers,Translators,History of c, Fundamentals of C , Programming Concepts, Arrays, Pointers, Structures, Unions, Files, Functions, Advanced Pointers Graphics concepts. 45 Days

  • Difference between C & C++ ,Why C++, OOPS Concepts
  • Programming with C++,Standard template Library
45 Days
7 DATA STRUCTURES: Stacks, Queues, Linked lists, Trees 30 Days
8 CORE JAVA : Language fundamentals ,Classes, Interfaces, Packages, Threads, Exception handling, I/O AWT, Swings, Networking, JDBC, Servlets, Reflections API 2 Months
9 ADVANCED JAVA: JSP,Servlets, Connecter Architecture, EJB, Security, Java Beans, Activation Frame work, Message services, struts 2 Months
10 MOBILE APPLICATION USING JAVA J2ME: J2ME Applications,Configurations,Profiles, CLDC API,KJAVA,MIDP API,CDC API 2 Months
11 COMPLETE JAVA : Core Java J2SE, Advanced Java and J2EE ,With SQL, With Project 4 Months
12 PYTHON  & ADVANCED PYTHON: Introduction to script, Modes of Python,Intruduction to New IDE’s, Python applications and their Features etc..(see the Syllabus Page) 2 months
13 R LANGUAGE: Language for statistical computing & Effective Data Analysis, Introduction to  Business analytics, Features to R Programming, etc 2 Months
14 VB. NET: . NET Frame work ,Language fundamentals , OOP Concepts, Windows Programming, ADO.Net, Assemblies, Web services, Crystal reports, Setup and Deployment 2 Months
15 ASP. NET & XML: Introduction to WEB, Server Side controls , ADO.NET, Login  Controls, Authentication & Authorization, Introduction to XML, Formatting XMX Documents, Web services 2 Months
16 C#. NET: . NET Frame work ,Language fundamentals , OOP Concepts, Windows Programming, ADO.Net, Web services, Assemblies, Crystal and MS-Reports 2 Months
17 COMPLETE DOT NET : VB.Net, C#.NET, ASP.NET,WEF,WIF with Share point, SQL SERVER Fundamentals. Project Work 4 Months


18 VISUAL BASIC 6: Fundamentals of VB , Windows Programming , Controls, DAOs, ODBC, ADOs, RDOS , ACTIVE X Controls, Data Reports, SQL Server Fundamentals , Project Work 2 Months

Software Jobs:

System programmers/Software engineer, System Programmers research ,develop and adapt application programmes for computer systems in other words, they direct  the computer and tell It what to do and how to function. However these two jobs can overlap and sometimes the same individual is responsible for both areas. System programmers and soft engineers find employment with software firms, computer manufacturers, large firms who use computers and develop their own programmes.

Hardware Jobs:

Hardware refers to computer chips, Circuit boards, computer system and related equipment such as key board, modem and printers. Hardware jobs are in manufacturing or computers and auxiliaries, assembling, marketing and maintenance. As per NASSCOM, The hardware industry can grow 12 times the existing market size with proportionate demand for hardware engineers

Networking Jobs: 

Networking experts give connectivity to the various systems nodes over a local or wide area network (LAN/WAN). Designing, building and maintain information networks. Within or between organizations, is their task. Networking is the fastest growing segment in the communications field. A growth of around 35% annually .The job entails analyzing. Installing and configuring the company’s network, monitoring network performance, trouble shooting and maintenance are major responsibilities emerging technology in network is internet

Web Designing & Web Development tools
19 WEB DESIGNING (CLIENT SIDE): Photo shop, HTML, CSS, Java Script, J Query, Swish, GIF, Introduction to Boot Strap, project 2 Months
20 WEB TECHNOLOGIES (SERVER SIDE) : PHP & My SQL   and Project 45 Days
21 WEB FRAME WORKS (RESPONSIVE): Boot Strap,Jquery,Jquery UI 45 Days

WEB Technologies Jobs

Professionals in dotcoms design WebPages or take up a technical job on the server side. Websites of Education, Business, Services, Institutions, Organizations, and Agencies provide ready options for work. Growths of the Internet and the Expansion of the World Wide Web have generated a variety of occupations relating to the design, development and maintenance of Web sites and their services.

Data Bases (DBMS & RDBMS)
24 FOX PRO PROGRAMMING: DBMS Concepts, Database Creation, Data MaintenanceProgramming FoxPro ,Project Work
2 Months
25 ORACLE : Introduction to RDBMS , Data models(FMS,DBMS,RDBMS,HDBMS)SQL, PLSQL,SQL *PLUS , SQL Fundamentals, DDL,DML,DCL,TCL Queries, Functions, Joins, PL/SQL, SQL Reports,Sql Tuning 2 Months
26 ORACLE COMPLETE: Oracle, SQL,PL/SQL,SQL*Plus, Application Development 3 Months
27 ORACLE DATA BASE ADMINISTRATION(DBA): Oracle Architectural components, Installation, Data Dictionary, Managing Tables & Indexes, Managing Users, Backups & Recovery 3 Months
28 DATA WARE HOUSING: Introduction to Data ware housing, Design and Architecture,Different designs, Partioning Data ware housing, Indexes, Voews, Dimensions, Managing Warehouses, Data Captures, SQL For data ware housing ,OLAP and Data mining 2 Months

Multimedia Jobs …

Multimedia involves computing and audio visual technologies for fuse video, audio, text, graphics, animation etc. in a meaning full way. There are animators, sound technicians, graphics artists, video technicians & multimedia professional.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) jobs:

ERP Software is used for planning the resources of the entire worldwide network of an enterprise. Sales, Service, Distribution, Marketing, Purchase, Manufacturing, Inventory, Finance, and Accounts etc. are integrated on one software backbone. ERP is a system solution for enterprise wide computing which combines resource planning and integration of all business functions manufacturing. Distribution and finance applications to synergize the resources of and enterprise.

Multimedia Soft Wares
30 DIPLOMA IN MULTIMEDIA: Photoshop, Flash, Premier, Swish, Gif Animation 3 Months
31 DIPLOMA IN MEDIA APPLICATIONS: Photoshop CS, Video Editor, Panta show, Magix Movie Editor,, DVD, Slide show builder, Auda city, 3D Album , Movie story, Corel videostudio pro, Pinnacle studio 3 Months

Call Centre Jobs…

A Call Centre is a place that has adequate telecom facilities, trained consultants, access to wide database, Internet and other on-line support infrastructure in order to provide information and support to customers on real time basis

Testing Tools
33 TESTING TOOLS: Manual testing , Automation , Selenium 2 Months
Operating Systems
34 OPERATING SYSTEMS : Fundamentals of OS, Types of operating systems, Differences Between SU,MU,ST,MT ,Introduction to DOS ,Dos Commands  , How to install OS ,What is the use of OS ,Booting ,Controlling the Operating System ,Difference between  CUI & GUI , Different types of Windows  , Operating systems ,Windows 98/XP/VISTA.etc, Windows servers 2k,2k3,2k7,2k10,2k16 , Windows 7/8/10 .Network services, soft installations, Windows Applications All 1 Month
35 UNIX/ LINUX  ADMIN: Introduction to Linux. Installation, Administration, Network Services,Configurations 2 Months

Soft Skills

The student would face a battery of mark tests designed as per the tests conducted by major IT companies. Experts provide training on group behavior, presentation skills, body language, assertiveness, and articulation, spoken and written, communication to face the selection test and the interview with confidence.


Hardware & Networking
36 DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER HARDWARE: Fundamentals, Operating Systems , MS-DOS, MS Windows, Booting, SU & MU Shareware concepts, BIOS, Internal Parts, Assembling, Installation ,Trouble Shooting,(Software & Hardware) 2 Months
37 ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER HARDWARE & NETWORKING (ADCHN) DCH SYLLABUS: Network Concepts, Network models , LAN,WAN, MAN, INTRANET, INTERNET , Networks , Peer to Peer, TCP/IP , Configuration , Network Sharing , File sharing , Internet sharing , Switches, HUBS,ROUTERS, Configurations, Protocols , Servers(Database,Appliaction,WEB) 3 Months

Industry Orientation

No employer would be impressed with academic knowledge alone. Specifically the IT industry which demands skills of global standards. The ability of the student to apply knowledge gained in real world projects using industry recognized standards is imperatives. To this end software engineering techniques are covered and the student is exposed to quality and coding standards as demanded by the industry.

For Diploma & Btech Students
  •  AUTO CAD (2D,3D,Solids,Premitives,Dimensions)
  • Pro E / CREO
  • E-CAD
30 Days (Or)

45 Days


  • Basics Electronics ,
  • PCB Design
  • Embedded systems
30 Days (Or)

2 Months

Live Projects:

RICON with its vast experience in implementing and executing several projects can expose the students to projects on variety of domains and technology platforms. And guide the students to apply programming knowledge in a real world setting and acquire the required skills to solve an IT problem in the course of project execution the student would get familiar and develop fluency in applying formal software engineering techniques. A tried much desired by the employers


Details syllabus of the course are available at the website and GOOGLE Class room

RICON Long Term Diploma
40 RICON CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL….: Basic concepts, Languages, Packages, Assemblers, Translators, Networks, Programming concepts, C’ Language,C++ programming, RDBMS Concepts, Windows Programming Concepts , Core Java ,Adv Java  Python , Advanced Python Complete .Net(VB.Net,C#.NET,ASP.NET), Project Work 12 Months

E books

E-Books are the electronic version of (Self instruction material)books given to RICON students of the irrespective courses  in GOOGLE Class room and all socials media s

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